Each day we rise like the sun and prepare to take on the world like an athlete, running from one place to the other, multitasking our way through the chaos and praying we have the strength and endurance to get through the day.

Hi, I'm Karen... wife, mother, believer, nutritional therapy practitioner and personal trainer.  Like you, I'm trying to finish my everyday race like a runner to the finish line.  In my early years of motherhood I was eager to get back to my pre-baby body so, like most new moms, I started taking group classes at my local YMCA. The accountability of the group setting motivated me to show up everyday.  I enjoyed this activity enough to put in the time time and effort to become a group fitness instructor. After three more children and a couple of moves, we settled down in Texas.  It was here that, my family's race took a detour when it became apparent that food allergies were the source of repeated illness. With wellness as the goal, we introduced a lot of dietary changes into our family routine.  The resulting season of learning made it clear that God had prepared a way for me to help others navigate their own health journeys through nutrition and exercise.  After training with the Nutritional Therapy Association, and completing my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I knew I wanted to have a comprehensive approach to wellness through holistic nutrition and functional exercise; to help people get to the root cause of the health issue and rebuild a strong and body from the inside out. To fulfill  this dream, I became a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise.    

I believe we are called to serve others; it's what we were created to do.  Helping my clients reach their health goals is my passion.  Working together, we connect the dots and match the pieces of their health puzzle while I equip them with the knowledge of how to fuel and move the way God intended, protecting and honoring the temple He created.